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Our Eco Policy

Pioneering environmental practices

We deliver unforgettable live music events across the UK and acknowledge that it is important to consider the environmental and social impact of our events. Every operation is managed with a view to reduce carbon footprint and pioneer environmental and social responsibilities. We aim to set an example for all events companies and inspire our guests to make simple positive changes that can contribute to a greener future.

Measuring and monitoring

Iceqbe events have a responsibility to monitor and measure the environmental impact of each event. This data is used to reflect on the overall footprint of each event, with a view to make improvements for future events.

Sourcing local suppliers

By using local, sustainable suppliers we reduce the need for logistics across the UK and international shipping.

Waste recycling

We ensure all waste for an event is recycled in accordance with the local councils guidelines. Where possible, we source sustainable and biodegradable products.