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Staying Safe At Our Events

Emergency and fire safety

If you believe there is an immediate threat to safety or life, please contact emergency services on 999 and notify your nearest member of staff. For fire safety procedure, please contact the venue directly.

Sexual harassment and discrimination

Iceqbe do not condone sexual harassment or any forms of discrimination towards guests or staff. It is not acceptable to grope, threaten or harass others. If this happens, please let your nearest member of staff know immediately.

Health and safety

Please plan ahead of the event to ensure you have considered what measures you can take to remain safe and well. Excessive alcohol consumption in unfamiliar situations can lead to losing control and making risky decisions. If you have any medical issues, please take any necessary precautions to ensure you remain safe.

Drug use

We do not condone the use of illegal drugs in any situation. Please bear in mind that there are drugs in circulation in the UK that can kill with a single pill and mixing drugs and alcohol can be very dangerous. If you are caught using drugs at any of our events you may be asked to leave by a member of staff.


Illegal activity or breaching the terms of entry can lead to immediate eviction from the event.